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Benefits of building a concrete patio in Madras
November 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Benefits of building a concrete patio in Madras

Whether you’re building a house or looking to improve your outdoor living space, there are various options that you can consider. Some might consider building a wood deck or pouring a concrete patio in Madras. If you’re trying to decide between the two, our team at 3C’s Concrete can help you weigh your options by outlining some reasons why you might prefer a concrete patio.

Create an outdoor living space

Building an outdoor living space is a great way to make it feel like you’ve expanded your home. You can’t beat summer evenings in Madras as you can easily move outdoors and enjoy the sunset with friends and family. Once you have your concrete patio installed, you can choose whichever kind of furniture you prefer as there aren’t any limitations as to what can be used on concrete.

More affordable than other options

Concrete is an incredibly versatile product that’s much more affordable than others. Lumber prices are currently higher than they’ve ever been, and laying masonry is terribly labor-intensive. You can pour a concrete patio at a reasonable price while avoiding the excessive labor that comes with hand-laying bricks or stones. If you’d like something that looks more appealing to the eye than a smooth layer of cement, your installation crew can quickly stamp or texture the cement to add an extra aesthetic.

Low maintenance

Regardless of the materials you use to build your outdoor living space, it’s going to get dirty. Concrete is easily cleaned with regular pressure washing and can also be protected with a seal, which will make it even easier to clean. Cleaning your patio with a pressure washer is a great way to make sure that dirt and grime don’t wear down the cement and cause cracks or chips. If the cement gets too dirty, you can scrub it with soapy water and a brush.

Environmentally friendly

Concrete is an environmentally-friendly alternative to using lumber to build a deck. Wood decks have to be re-stained every couple of years to ensure that the wood doesn’t warp or crack. Most stains use harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and can harm the ecosystem of your yard. You can seal a concrete patio, but it’s not required as the concrete alone is strong enough to withstand years of punishment from the elements. What’s more, you’re not contributing to deforestation by using large amounts of lumber.

Durable surface

Speaking of which, concrete creates a strong enough surface that you don’t have to worry too much about putting out patio furniture or even a hot tub. Should the hot tub spill or somebody spills their drink, you don’t have to think twice about the state of your concrete slab as there won’t be any risk of exposed wood that can be damaged from the liquid. You’ll find that your patio even stands up to the coldest of winters in Central Oregon.

Quick installation

Building a deck takes a long time. Only after you’ve poured the concrete footers can you start building. Even then, it takes a significant amount of time to lay each plank in place then fasten it down. Installing a concrete patio is considerably faster as you can often dig out the area where you’d like the concrete slab then pour. Of course, colder climates might require more effort with a rebar grid to mitigate cracking, but that often depends on the winter climate and the size of the slab.

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