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Projects that require commercial concrete in Central Oregon
November 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Projects that require commercial concrete in Central Oregon

Not all concrete is the same. Residential concrete is going to have different properties that aren’t in commercial concrete because it doesn’t require the same level of strength and durability. If you’ve never considered the difference between the two, our team at 3C’s Concrete has put together this brief guide to outline types of projects that require commercial concrete in Central Oregon.

Residential vs commercial concrete

Before we get too deep into what types of projects require commercial concrete, let’s establish the difference between residential and commercial concrete. Residential concrete is used for homes to pour the foundation, slab, driveway, and other aspects of a typical home. This isn’t going to require major weight-bearing capacity or durability compared to that of commercial concrete because of the weight and traffic that commercial properties get.

Commercial concrete mixes are designed to take on heavier loads of traffic and weight with enhanced integrity. One of the significant benefits of using concrete to build over other materials is due to its fire-retardant properties. Below you’ll find specific projects that use commercial concrete rather than residential or even industrial concrete.

Retail stores

Whether it’s your own retail location or you’re building a commercial building to lease, concrete is the preferred choice to construct the building from the bottom up. Commercial concrete will provide a strong foundation and can also be used for sturdy walls that are fire retardant. This makes it safer for every retailer in your building as a fire that breaks out in one unit is less likely to spread to others. What’s more, your commercial building is not at risk for pests like termites or other wood-eating bugs causing infesting and damaging the property.


Warehouses are going to be filled with items that add up to an incredibly heavy load on the flooring. While you could pour residential concrete and build a warehouse on top of the slab, you would need a thicker pour than commercial concrete, which would not be nearly as cost-effective. You can be confident that you’re getting more for your money by using commercial concrete because of its durability and weight-bearing capabilities.


When considering flooring for your restaurant, you’re often going to want something that can handle a high amount of traffic that doesn’t require much maintenance. The low-maintenance nature of concrete flooring allows you to go long periods of time without refinishing the flooring and cornering off specific areas of your restaurant so you can maintain full capacity more often. It’s also easy to clean up spilled drinks and food as well as broken dishes.

Office buildings

When you’re building an office building, it’s important that the materials are high quality and able to hold a massive payload without breaking the bank on your building budget. Concrete can be used in every aspect of a commercial office building from flooring to walls to ceilings, which makes for an all-around sound structure.

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